How it all started….

I bet a lot of people are asking themselves why even choose to use nootropics…well is a personal choice and it differs from person to person.

I myself found out about them by mistake I went to my local drugstore to buy some vitamins you know stuff like vitamin C and some vitamin D because I did change the country and I felt the lack of less sun influenced me quite negatively. So I was looking around and found this thing called Rhodiola Rosea capsules which promised to help fight against stress. This at the moment seemed quite cool to me since I was going through a tough period in my life school, family life, moving in a new country yep doing a lot of stuff.

So I bought the pills had no big expectations since didn’t trust it so much and neither I understood exactly how it works, but I have to say it helped a lot of course not immediately and I did not expect it to work like a magic unicorn down the rainbow but after one week of using it I felt less stressed and more efficient in my day to day life.

After feeling its effect on me I started to inform myself what it exactly is and found out a new word that I never heard before Nootropics. Three years have passed since then and I am very happy, the so-called Nootropics changed my life and support me on my way to improve my self.